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2012 NFL Schedule: How The Packers' NFC North Rivals Start

This year is finally the year that he breaks out, you guys.
This year is finally the year that he breaks out, you guys.

As you probably read yesterday when the 2012 Green Bay Packers Schedule was released, the Packers start the season with a very difficult game. Though they were lucky to draw the San Fransisco 49ers at home, they are a tough team to play against to kick off the season for any team. Our NFC North rivals were a bit luckier with their opening game draws -- or maybe you see it as an advantage to play your toughest games first?

In any event, all of our rivals are going to be favored to win their opening games, regardless of what you think of their long-term prospects in this coming season. The Minnesota Vikings host the Jacksonville Jaguars, in a game that will be must-see TV for sure. PONDER! GABBERT! WHO WILL EARN THE 'BUST' TAG IN WEEK 1 OF THEIR SOPHOMORE SEASON?!?

The Chicago Bears will be hosting the Indianapolis Colts in what will probably be Andrew Luck's first professional start. The Colts are a lot better than their record last season indicates, but facing the Bears' defense at Solider Field is a tough way for Luck to start his career.

Detroit hosts the St. Louis Rams, who will probably be very good in a few years because Sam Bradford has all of the tools to be a Pro Bowl-level quarterback and they just got a king's ransom for Robert Griffin. That king's ransom won't actually do much to help them win in Week 1 of next season, though. I don't expect any of the NFC North's teams to get off to slow starts this year.