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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For April 2, 2012

Because yesterday was April Fool's day, there were a lot of ridiculous posts on football blogs, on this network and otherwise. This made it kind of hard to find legitimate articles to link to, but I did my best. Here are your daily Green Bay Packers news and links.

NFL Draft Predictions: Packers Mock Draft from Pigskin Paul | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

I think Pigskin Paul is being a bit optimistic about how far some of these guys will fall, but this is still a very good post and I think just about everything he says makes a lot of sense.

My "Last Day at Lambeau" | Cheesehead TV

CD Angeli at Cheeshead TV managed to get tickets to both of the Packers-Vikings games at Lambeau that featured Favre in purple. Jerk. I'm bitter.

Free agent tackle Bell leaves without deal |

Demetrius Bell has now visited with four teams, including the Green Bay Packers, and doesn't have a deal yet. That doesn't mean he won't sign with the Packers or any of the other teams that he's visited. Worth keeping an eye on.

46 Years of Media Guides - Part IV | Packerville USA

Yet another brilliant installment of a brilliant series.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

Catching The Ball: Trends In The Receiving Game | Blogging The Boys

A very interesting piece about how different receivers are utilized, in which BTB tries to get to the bottom of what ails the Cowboys' passing game.

2012 NFL Draft: Brock Osweiler Will Make Pre-Draft Visit With Bills | Buffalo Rumblings

When I found out that Brock Osweiler is not quite 6-foot-8 I decided that my entire life is a lie.

2012 NFL Mock Draft Database: Nick Perry Enters The Picture | Niners Nation

I'm still not a big fan of Nick Perry standing up, but he's probably going to a 3-4 team in the late first or early second.

Lions Reportedly Have Around $4.5 Million In Cap Space | Pride Of Detroit

Calvin Johnson's restructure did a whole lot to help the cap situation in Detroit.