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Anthony Hargrove Only Making Minimum Salary For Green Bay Packers

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Just like earlier signing Daniel Muir, the Green Bay Packers will only be paying the veteran minimum salary to defensive end Anthony Hargrove. While Hargrove has been very effective when at his best in the NFL, meaning he'll have a great opportunity to win a prominent role in the defense, he does have a history of injuries, and did not play in 2008 because of a suspension. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Hargrove's contract is for one year at veteran minimum with no bonus.

Hargrove will make $825,000 this season, with only $540,000 counting against the salary cap. Hargrove's base salary will be reduced to $393,000 if he goes on injured reserve this season, and the Packers have a number of other protections in the contract that will reduce Hargrove's salary if he misses time due to pre-existing injury conditions.

This is a very low-risk signing for the Pack because of all these contract protections, though Hargrove could still be suspended for his role in the Saints' bounty program. The NFLPA is expected to give suspension recommendations to the league shortly.