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Aaron Rodgers On Maturing And 'Being In The Zone'

We mentioned a couple days ago in Cheese Curds that Aaron Rodgers is currently in Las Vegas, playing some golf with a bunch of rich and famous people. These are the kinds of awesome things that you get to do when you're an NFL quarterback. Aaron was kind enough to take some time out of his busy day of golfing and ... probably partying, to be honest ... to do an interview with ESPN Radio in Las Vegas.

He discussed a multitude of topics with host Paul Howard, including the signing of Jeff Saturday, comments from fantasy football owners and the Discount Double Check. This is your standard-issue fun offseason talk, but there was one question and answer in particular that I thought was interesting in actual football terms.

Transcribed by our friends over at Sports Radio Interviews, here's Rodgers on 'being in the zone', right after the jump.

Do you just feel like you, personally, have been in the zone for about a year and a half?:

"I think the older you get, the more you start to understand the small idiosyncrasies of the game and what it takes to be successful. The game slows down for you, like they always say, and becomes easier to kind of do the things you want to do. You rely on your preparation more and more. When you have a good routine of how to get ready to play on Sundays, it gives you a lot of confidence going into games that you're going to play well."

It's not exactly news that things get easier for quarterbacks as they get more and more reps in NFL games, but it's nice to hear Aaron talk about his preparation and the game getting easier for him. If you want to hear the entire interview, complete with questions about Steve Novak doing the belt, the makeup of the team and the loss to the Giants in the playoffs, you can listen to the ESPN Las Vegas interview right here.