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Ted Thompson On Nick Collins

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Ted Thompson had a pre-draft press conference at Lambeau Field yesterday. Most Green Bay Packers fans will know that Thompson is pretty tight-lipped even when there isn't a whole lot for him to give away, so it should come as no surprise that the majority of the press conference was not terribly interesting. He didn't want to mention any specific prospects or positions, and for good reason.

I tried to watch it, my internet pooped out, and I was not broken up about this development. However, my internet apparently died at the exact wrong time, right before Thompson actually said something interesting. He was asked about Nick Collins, his decision about whether or not he'll play football again, and whether he's targeting a safety in the draft. After the jump, you can find his quotes.

Via ESPN Wisconsin, here's what Thompson said when asked about Collins' future and whether or not the team will draft a safety.

On Collins:

"It's still in process, which it has been. It's a process that continues. We don't have any determination at this point. I think it's more important to make the right determination than being ... I'm sure he's anxious and all of our people are anxious. I think it's more important being right than being fast. We'll see."

On the safety position:

"We feel like our roster is balanced enough overall. ... We don't feel we have to target a particular position in the draft. That's not what we do, and we won't do it this year."

I don't think that Thompson and Collins are playing games here. This comes off as direct and sincere, and I believe that Collins and the team are genuinely waiting for more medical information before coming to a decision. However, I do not believe for a second that the Packers will exit the draft without a safety who is good enough to challenge for a roster spot.

By the way, next time TT has a presser, take a shot every time he says "it's a process". You will be TRASHED.