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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For April 21, 2012

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It's a good news and good article morning, folks. That is, unless you're a very strong supporter of Ryan Grant and you want him to come back and start again. It's not a good news morning for you guys. Here's your daily Green Bay Packers news and links.

Green expects to be ready for camp |

Great news. Due to the piece of news that appears below this one, Alex Green is going to get a lot of work if he's healthy this season and I hope he's up to becoming a regular ball carrier for the Packers.

Grant reportedly visiting in New England Friday | Cheesehead TV

Ryan Grant is probably not returning to the Packers. It doesn't seem like they've shown any interest at all in bringing him back.

Packers draft preview: Role of NFL safeties shifting | Green Bay Press-Gazette

There's no top prospect that clearly fits with the Packers in the early rounds of the draft, so Ted Thompson will need to find a diamond in the rough.

Are running backs becoming undervalued? | All Green Bay Packers

Adam at Jersey Al's, and I agree with his conclusion. It's too early to say if running backs are being undervalued right now, but it's an interesting trend to keep an eye on, and it's very possible that they could be a couple years from now.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

Does Mike Wallace really think he can win a staring contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers? | Behind The Steel Curtain

Well, if he wants to be paid like a top-5 receiver but significantly less than Fitz and Johnson, he can win said staring contest.

Chad Ochocinco wants to fight Greg Jones | Big Cat Country

Greg Jones with the perfect response. "Let's make it happen, for charity. You in?" I want to see them put on massive padded helmets and gloves and do a rock 'em sock 'em robots impression.

Minnesota Senate committee gives Vikings stadium bill new life |

Life, yes, but who knows how far it gets.