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Morgan Burnett: Where Is He Best, And Does It Affect Your Draft Strategy?

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For a second, consider that you are a hypothetical fake general manager/head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Not that you are emulating Mike Sherman (please don't emulate Mike Sherman), but you serve in the same role. You're deciding who plays where and you're making the call on draft picks as well. It's your dream job, internet commenter. Don't lie, we all know that it is.

Right now, you're in your office thinking about what to do with Morgan Burnett. The talented Packers' safety has played both free safety and strong safety, and you're not entirely sure what to do with him going forward. On one hand, he's not a spectacular tackler by the standards of a traditional strong safety and many agree that free safety is his best position in the pros. On the other hand, the NFL is moving away from power running games at a rapid pace. You don't necessarily need a truly elite tackler at strong safety. You can play him there, then find more of a pure speedster/coverage guy to play next to him.

If you are hypothetical Guy Who Has The Same Job As Mike Sherman But Is Better Than Mike Sherman, what do you do with Burnett next year if Nick Collins can't return, and does this affect your draft strategy at all? I ask because it seems like public opinion on Burnett's best position and the best kind of safety partner for him is sharply split. I think I could be convinced either way by an excellent argument.