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Green Bay Packers Re-Sign Erik Walden

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Well, today sure has been a busy news day. The Green Bay Packers, apparently trying to catch everyone as they were leaving work or something along those lines, have announced via the official team website that they have re-signed outside linebacker Erik Walden. Walden was an unrestricted free agent at the end of last season, and it's been unclear for months whether or not the team had any intention of bringing him back.

Obviously, they had intentions to bring him back. Walden's been useful opposite Clay Matthews on the outside and he has significantly improved in coverage in his time on the team, but he has been an average pass rusher and arguably below average as a run stopper. He has, however, consistently played at a serviceable level and should have a good chance to win a roster spot.

Financial details are not available at this time, but based on the timing of the signing and the other signings that the Packers have made this offseason, Walden's deal is probably very short term and probably features low to no guaranteed money.