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Nick Collins Released: Ted Thompson Speaks

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The Green Bay Packers have confirmed the release of Nick Collins through the official team website. Here are the words of Ted Thompson on his decision.

"From the beginning of this process, we have taken our time and sought numerous medical opinions while maintaining consistent dialogue with Nick, In the end, we were not comfortable clearing him to play again. As with all of our players, Nick is a member of our family and we thought of him that way as we came to this conclusion. Nick is a part of our core, and this is a very difficult day for all Packers. Making this kind of decision is never easy, especially when it involves someone like Nick Collins. He has meant so much to the community, his teammates and the organization. He is a good man and will always be part of the Packers family."

I'm going to assume that the Packers' decision not to clear him to play again had a lot to do with the expertise of team doctors, and that it was not simply a gut decision made by Thompson. I am also going to assume that, because Collins was released as opposed to retiring, he is not in total agreement with the Packers' assessment of his health.