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Mel Kiper’s 2012 Mock Draft: Shea McClellin To The Green Bay Packers?

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If you regularly frequent NFL Draft content around the internet, you are probably aware that Mel Kiper's opinions are ubiquitous and that, even though there are a lot of people who make fun of him, there are more people that care about what he has to say. You probably also know that the vast majority of Mel Kiper's insight is located behind the ESPN Insider paywall. You have to pay to see Mel Kiper's mock draft. I know, lame.

But I'm not going to go disrespecting the worldwide leader and subverting their paywall. They have a right to charge for their content if they want to, and because of that I'm not going to tell you everything Kiper had to say about the Green Bay Packers, but I don't think I'm "stealing" or minimizing the value of their content by telling you a name.

In Kiper's final mock, he had the Packers taking Shea McClellin, with the reasoning that he's more of a "sure thing" than other 3-4 OLB prospects and the Packers need someone who can contribute right now. I happen to disagree with the reasoning. You always take the best football players. Being short-sighted is for teams like the Vikings and Eagles.

Feel free to discuss how much you adore or despise Mel Kiper below. We'll post McShay's pick later with a link to In$ider, for those who feel inclined to purchase it.