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2012 NFL Mock Draft: One Final Roundup Of Picks For The Green Bay Packers

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This is your last mock roundup! We have posts later on what Mel Kiper and Todd McShay think the Green Bay Packers are going to do, but this will be the last of our regular mock draft roundup posts. I've picked out six different mocks from various sources -- partners, major media, and independent. There was going to be a seventh, but NFL Draft Countdown is down right now. Get a better web host, Scott!

We'll kick things off with Ryan from Turf Show Times and SB Nation. has Jerel Worthy to the Packers

I've said it before, Green Bay's defensive line needs help, help against the run, help in getting to the passer. Worthy is not high on the list of technocrats banging out mock drafts six days a week, but he has the raw ability to make a difference in the trenches.

Mocking The Draft also has Worthy to the Pack

But they don't have an explanation. Boo! I assume Dan Kadar's reasoning is similar to everyone else's. Worthy has the size to play DT when the Packers use two and the athletic ability to play DE. He could potentially be an effective weak side or strong side 3-4 DE, though he's probably best suited to being a strong side player.'s Rob Rang is one of many who thinks it's Shea McClellin

The Packers seem intent on finding a player who can carry his share of the pass rush load, making sure linebacker Clay Matthews isn't the only 3-4 outside edge rusher in the lineup. McClellin carries a top-half-of-the-round grade in the eyes of some NFL scouts.

CBS's Pete Prisco agrees with the McClellin pick

They have to get another outside rusher to go with Clay Matthews.

Kevin Seifert takes McClellin in the ESPN blogger draft

I had targeted McClellin as someone I would hope to draft for the Packers and was caught off guard when Upshaw was still available. I got some tweets and live suggestions for both players, but chose McClellin because I think he's a better fit for the Packers' 3-4 and that he'll be ready to start in Week 1 for a team that is a Super Bowl contender in 2012.

National Football Post has McCellin as well

He's got the ability to play both inside and out for the Packers and brings the kind of motor, intensity and relentless as a pass rusher they are looking for.

Poll time! Not going to be a full poll, but a would you rather. If Worthy and McClellin are both there and no obvious top player has fallen down to 28, which would you rather have?