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Green Bay Packers 2012 Draft: The Poll Of Truth

"Whatever, whatever, I do what I want!"
"Whatever, whatever, I do what I want!"

One last time, we ask you, the people of Green Bay Packers nation, exactly what the team should do with their 28th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. You don't get an 'other' option. In this scenario, you are going to assume that all players listed in the poll are available and that none of them will go in the picks before the Packers make their selection.

Ted Thompson has surprised people before by selecting Justin Harrell and trading up for Clay Matthews, but his selections at offensive tackle the last two years have been pretty straightforward. I don't have any reason to believe that Thompson is going to go way out into left field, but we'll give you a couple of 'left field' options here.

For the most part, your options are the obvious: Defensive linemen and linebackers. I'd be surprised if the Packers did not pick one of the two if they stayed at No. 28. Vote and discuss below.