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2012 NFL Draft Results: Green Bay Packers Selection Of Nick Perry Makes Sense, Sets Stage For Friday


After a whole lot of waiting, the Green Bay Packers finally made their first round draft selection just under three hours into the NFL Draft. In a first round that featured a ridiculous amount of trades, the notoriously shifty Ted Thompson decided to stay put and take USC Trojans defensive end/outside linebacker Nick Perry, filling an immediate need at 3-4 ROLB opposite Clay Matthews.

The pick can hardly be considered either a steal or a reach; Perry was considered a late 1st round player by almost every reputable media outlet. He has not played significant time standing up, but he has all the physical tools to make the transition. Some Packers fans had their sites set on other players, but Perry fills an immediate need without reaching, and his production and experience suggest that he can contribute right away. It's tough to complain. Fans will still be clamoring for a defensive end or safety, but picking a player at a position of need frees up Thompson to take quality football players at other positions that are falling down the board past where they should have been picked.

We're wrapping up our coverage for the day, but stop by tomorrow for all kinds of stuff on Perry, as well as the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft from early in the AM until late at night. Live television coverage of Day 2 of the NFL Draft kicks off at 7 pm ET on Friday.

The NFL Draft returns to primetime in 2012, with the first round taking place Thur, April 26, followed by the second and third rounds on Fri, April 27. Rounds 4-7 will be held Sat, April 28. Catch all of the excitement of the 2012 NFL Draft on NFL Network.