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Nick Perry: Quotes From The Man Himself, Capers, Thompson And Kalil On New Packers OLB

Nick Perry, the newest Packer. (Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)
Nick Perry, the newest Packer. (Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)

Nick Perry, the newest member of the Green Bay Packers, will have some work to do transitioning from the defensive end position to the rushing outside linebacker spot that he will be expected to play in Green Bay. Several members of the Packers' organization are convinced that he can make that transition and be an effective pass-rusher.

In his press conference immediately following the draft, Ted Thompson had these things to say about Perry:

Thompson went on to say that he's sure that Perry has the athleticism to play the linebacker position and that he carries his 270 pounds well, but that he didn't view Perry as a "need pick".

Dom Capers spoke about Perry as well, calling him "explosive" and "productive", while acknowledging that learning to play in coverage will be a "learning process, but that's not uncommon". Capers also indicated that Perry would have to earn a starting position, but might be a candidate to shift around in various formations much in the same way that Clay Matthews does:

Perry's teammate Matt Kalil, now a member of the Minnesota Vikings, had this to say about facing Perry in practice (again courtesy of Jason Wilde):

"(Perry is) the best player that I've ever played against...going against him every day, that's why I think it makes it so easy for me in games...whatever team gets him, he's definitely going to be a steal. He's a great player. Hard worker."

Finally, from Perry himself (also quoted by Wilde):

"I played with Clay (Matthews) my freshman year and since then we've been boys. I'll be glad to be across from him...I can't control (moving to OLB). This is something I love doing -- I'm here to do whatever it takes."

I'll leave you with this final Wilde tweet:

Now that's an attitude I like.