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Round 2 Mock Draft: Packers Could Go Safety, Trade Up

A John Cena fan?
A John Cena fan?

Over at the mothership, Ryan Van Bibber has a Round 2 mock draft up, obviously taking into account everything that happened on Thursday night. Of interest for the Packers is the fall of all of the great potential 3-4 defensive ends, some solid safeties, and center Peter Konz.

If the Packers stay put at No. 59, Ryan has them selecting free safety Markelle Martin out of Oklahoma State. The more I think about the Packers' defense and the way offenses in the NFL have shifted, the more I like Morgan Burnett as a strong safety, and the more I'd like the Packers to draft a very athletic free safety. Martin is limited as a big time playmaker and hitter, but he's certainly a great athlete and great in coverage.

I don't expect the Packers to stay put at 59, though, and I don't think I'm alone. Ryan currently has Jerel Worthy going at 34, Devon Still at 40, George Iloka at 47 and Peter Konz at 52. It would not be stunning to see Green Bay make a move for any of those players.