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Packers 2012 Draft: Is DE Or Safety A Bigger Need?

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We've done a lot of writing and talking today about what players are left in the draft for the Packers to pick and who's worthy of a 2nd round selection, but we haven't asked what the biggest hole on the roster is. The Green Bay Packers never really replaced Cullen Jenkins, but they also obviously haven't replaced Nick Collins.

We know that the team is in need of some help at both defensive end and safety, but what's the bigger need? Ted Thompson doesn't explicitly draft for need, but at some point either on Friday night or early on the day on Saturday, he's going to have players at both of these positions.

I personally have a lot more faith in Charlie Peprah and M.D. Jennings than I do in the Jarius Wynn/Mike Neal/Anthony Hargrove contingent, but I have a feeling that I am not in the majority with that opinion. Vote and discuss away.