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2012 NFL Draft Live Results, Picks, And Open Thread: Day 3

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Welcome to your open thread for Day 3 of the 2012 NFL Draft. I scheduled this post, but I'm not here! Tex is in charge of this ship today and he'll be posting new articles for each of the Packers' picks. Tex has also been given the power to bring down the hammer if you act like jerks.

Here's a list of all of the remaining picks for the Green Bay Packers. Both 4th round picks are compensatory selections and cannot be traded. The last two 7th round picks are also compensatory selections.

4.37 (132) - Mike Daniels, DL, Iowa
4.38 (133) - Jerron McMillian, S, Maine
5.28 (163) - Terrell Manning, ILB, NC State
7.34 (241) - Andrew Datko, T, Florida State
7.36 (243) - B.J. Coleman, QB, Tennessee-Chattanooga

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