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Nike NFL Uniforms: New Green Bay Packers Jerseys Unveiled

As we all know, Nike has wrestled the NFL apparel contract away from Reebok, starting with the upcoming season. A few days ago, they released a handful of non-jersey apparel on the NFL Shop website, but today is the big day. Nike officially showed off the jerseys all 32 NFL teams will be wearing during a press conference in New York at 11 AM Tuesday. Packers fans like me who enjoy the team's simple, elegant uniform will be pleased: Green Bay's jerseys have remained relatively unchanged from recent years.

I personally feel very strongly about my teams' jerseys and uniforms. I like my teams to live by one rule: keep it simple, stupid. With Nike designing new Pro Combat uniforms for several college football teams last year (see Ohio State, Michigan State, and the ever-changing Oregon Ducks), this led many NFL fans, myself included, to fear that Nike would make a push to similarly redesign uniforms across the NFL. While the Seahawks embraced an entirely new direction, the Packers organization understands its tradition and chose to maintain its classic look moving forward.

If you really want one as soon as possible, jerseys will be available for pre-order through on April 15th, and will go on sale to the public on April 26th or 27th.

UPDATE: The NFL has a provision that teams can only make major changes to their uniforms every five years. This may be the reason some teams did not change their look for the upcoming season. The Jaguars, for example, are planning a complete redesign for 2013, and could not for 2012 because of this rule. My guess is that several teams who have changed their uniforms recently will update them again as their five-year windows expire.

UPDATE II: As The Dayman noted in the comments, Nike has a statement on the Packers' uniform choice for 2012:

"The Green Bay Packers have chosen to stay with their traditional design aesthetic as well as their former uniform fabrication for the coming season. In addition to serving as the Packers on-field supplier for uniforms, sideline apparel, practice wear and baselayer, Nike will provide both men’s and women’s fan wear apparel. Athletes will now also be able to wear the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 Glove featuring the interlocking team logo on the palms."

Apparently that means that some of the new technologies that Nike brought to the jerseys (including the flywire collar, among others) will not be implemented on the Packers uniforms this season.