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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper Approves Of Packers' Selections

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I generally think that Mel Kiper's draft grades are really funny because of the disproportionate number of B's and C's. He seems very hesitant to give out an A or an F. His draft grades are behind the Insider paywall over at the Worldwide Leader, but Kevin Seifert posted on Kiper's NFC North draft grades.

The Packers got a B for filling their needs and not making significant reaches for any of the guys that they drafted. Because Jerel Worthy was called a guy with a "questionable motor" before the draft and because Kiper's not sure if Nick Perry is more than a situational pass rusher, he's unwilling to hand out the A-grade, but Seifert notes that 'Worthy could turn this into a proverbial "A" draft.'

Around the internet, other NFL Draft writers had similar things to say about the Packers' draft. SI's Audibles blog gave the Packers a B+, while both FOX Sports and CBS' NFL Draft Scout gave the Packers a B.