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Josh Sitton Thinks Gregg Williams Is Probably A Bad Person

Gregg Williams is a bit of a jerk. This is probably not news to you. In case it is, Williams is the now former defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, among other teams. He was found to be the guy at the forefront of a bounty program that was run by the Saints. As part of said bounty program, players were paid to injure their opponents.

To some, this might sound like part of the game. There's been some sentiment out there that everyone's being a bit too sensitive about this and that football players are always trying to knock the living heck out of each other. I disagree, but I can see where those people are coming from. Or at least I could, until I heard the tape of Gregg Williams' speech before the Saints' playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers (NSFW Audio here). In this tape, he specifically tells his players that he will pay them for targeting the head of 49ers players and causing a concussion.

Josh Sitton heard the tape and had a pretty strong reaction. With curse words!

These are the words of an NFL player. And not a skill player who does not want to get hit, but a player who pushes other players for a living. He is contacted, hard, by large people, on every single down that he is on the field for. If you're not convinced that Gregg Williams is not just like everyone else and that he doesn't deserve a lifetime ban, I'm not sure what it's going to take.