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2012 NFL Schedule Leak: Green Bay Packers Start Season Against Lions?

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I first learned of a possible leaked 2012 NFL Schedule this morning when I visited Pride Of Detroit. I linked it in this morning's Cheese Curds, but now that I've thought about it a bit, it probably deserves its own post. If you haven't heard, someone printed a leaked NFL schedule on their blogspot blog with the default theme. Sounds really credible, no? They claim that the full schedule has already been uploaded to and isn't easily accessible, but can be viewed. While I believe this "leak" is fake, that sounds entirely plausible.

The fine folks over at Lombardi Ave took the time to grab all of the Packers games out of the "schedule" and print all of them on their site. According to the schedule, the Packers open the season away to the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. Other nationally televised games include a game against the Saints on NBC, one against the Vikings on NFL Network, and another NBC game against the Seahawks.

If this is a hoax -- and my gut is that it is a hoax -- it's an elaborate one. I don't see any glaring errors that indicate this is definitely fake. Let me know if you spot any. Discuss the legitimacy of the "leak" and your thoughts on our "schedule" below.