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Mark Murphy Answers Green Bay Packers Fan Questions

Cold blooded.
Cold blooded.

We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but the first edition of the column is finally out. Once a month, Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy is going to answer five questions that have been submitted to him by fans. Also as part of this once a month column for, he'll be writing on a topic of interest to Packers fans before the Q&A.

Murphy's column and answers to the questions were, unsurprisingly, very CEOy. He had extremely measured responses and made sure he didn't tick anyone off. Basically, he is the opposite of Dan Gilbert. Even though Murphy didn't share any particularly strong opinions in his column or pick out any truly hard-hitting questions, there was one paragraph from the beginning of his column and one answer to a fan question that I thought was interesting. More on both of those things after the jump.

Here's the end of the column, where he indicates that the owners and Roger Goodell aren't getting too arrogant regarding the money faucet that's currently running.

Overall, the annual meetings had a very positive atmosphere, as the game is in great position to move forward with labor peace, strong attendance and record TV ratings. Commissioner Goodell cautioned us, however, not to be complacent with our success, because the landscape can change quickly. We must continue to work hard for the good of the game and for our fans. I couldn't agree more.

Baseball, comin', y'all!

I also thought one of his answers about a question regarding Fan Fest was interesting. One fan said that he was disappointed that Fan Fest isn't taking place this year and asked whether or not Murphy had plans to bring it back. Here's part of his answer.

The attendance at Fan Fest had been declining over the years. Also, I've noticed at recent Fan Fests that there seem to be more collectors. Our goal is to have an event that appeals primarily to Packers fans. Our fans enjoy being around the team and hearing from coaches and players.

Basically, they were sick of jerks who aren't Packers fans using the event to get autographs, then make money off selling them on eBay. I completely understand the sentiment here. I have never been able to go to Fan Fest, and I'd be interested in hearing from someone who went in 2010 about what percentage of people getting autographs they estimate were just collectors/guys in the business of selling autographs.