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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For April 9, 2012

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Did everyone have fun with their families this weekend? I didn't get to see my extended family over the Easter holiday. As nice as family is, family all getting together at the same time isn't nice, because inevitably people start arguing about politics and your one racist uncle chimes in with some absurd comment that gets everyone really riled up. It's no fun. Jesus is just alright with me, though.

Gino Gradkowski meets with Ravens (and Packers) | Carroll County Times

Tipped off by Cheesehead TV. How they located this, I'm not entirely sure. University of Delaware center Gino Gradkowski has a planned visit with the Pack.

Blair Kiel, former Bucs, Colts and Packers QB, dead at 50 |

Very sad.

2012 NFL Regular Season Schedule: Coming Clean

The guy who put the hoax schedule out there tells everyone that it was a hoax and why he did it. I ain't even mad.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

DeMarcus Ware Is Vital To The Cowboys Success | Blogging The Boys

The Cowboys are working on having a problem where we did with Clay Matthews, where there's no other pass rusher, so the offensive line will be able to exclusively focus on one guy.

Bruce Irvin Reportedly Visiting Chiefs Along With 11 Others | Arrowhead Pride

The Packers are not one of them. Apparently we decided he's not "Packer People" because of SIGNGATE.

How Would You Feel if the Steelers Drastically Altered Their Uniform? | Behind the Steel Curtain

I have the opposite view of most of the people here. I'm not really a person that cares much for "tradition". Maybe that means I was destined to support some soulless corporate entity of a team, but I grew up in Wisconsin.

Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton Undergoes Eye Surgery | Big Cat Country

This dude got hit with a bottle in a club, it messed up his eye and if the surgery doesn't go perfectly, it could be a career-threatening injury. Nuts.