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Green Bay Packers Sign Five Tryout Players, Cut Chris Campbell

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The Green Bay Packers' roster is now at exactly 90 players, the maximum allowed by the NFL heading into training camp. The team started the day with 86 players on the roster and has announced the signing of five tryout players, along with one release.

Offensive tackle Chris Campbell, who has been with the team since 2010, was waived to make room for the new signings. Two of the five players signed by the team are offensive linemen, which probably factored into the decision to release Campbell instead of a fringe player at another position.

We previously passed along the information about Otis Merrill and Grant Cook signing, and the team made their signings official today, along with the signings of three other players. Those players are offensive tackle Shea Allard of Delaware, wide receiver Jarrett Boykin of Virginia Tech and wide receiver Curenski Gilleylen of Nebraska.

Boykin is Virginia Tech's all-time leader in receptions. He had previously played in camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars but was waived on May 7.