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Green Bay Packers Rookie Contract Details: Jerel Worthy Gets Paid

Persa Strong? More like Persa Scared. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Persa Strong? More like Persa Scared. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Aaron Wilson is an NFL writer for FOX Sports and, and he has sources. I choose to think that these sources are shadowy figures who pass along information while wearing fedoras and trench coats and keeping their identities secret. I may be way off base. In any case, one of these sources gave Wilson the details on the contract signed between the Green Bay Packers and their newest defensive end Jerel Worthy:

As you know by now, the rookie deals are pretty much set in stone based on the player's position and draft slot. All drafted players will receive four-year guaranteed contracts, but now we know what the going rate is for a defensive end taken in the middle of the second round. Using Worthy's deal and Seahawks' DE Bruce Irvin's $9.34 million contract (with a $5 million bonus) as benchmarks, my guess is that the contract for the Packers' first round pick, OLB Nick Perry, will be worth something in the neighborhood of $7 million with a bonus around $3 million.

UPDATE: Thanks to BirdDogUni and, Nick Perry's contract details are already available. His deal is apparently worth $7.5 million, with $6.4 million guaranteed and a $4 million signing bonus. Also from Rotoworld: Casey Hayward's deal earns him $3.31 million ($1.4 million guaranteed, $847,000 signing bonus).