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Donald Driver Wins Dancing With The Stars

Is this a dance?
Is this a dance?

Because of the large built-in voter block that they have, athletes generally do well on Dancing With The Stars. The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular sports organizations on planet earth. Donald Driver appeared to work to improve throughout the show (though I confess, I didn't watch more than the youtube videos of the dances) and the combination of his steady improvement and his built-in advantage helped him to win the 'Mirror Ball' as he took the Dancing With The Stars title on Tuesday.

Here's Driver's final dance, a cha cha cha, for which he earned a perfect score on the show.

And, uh, that's the extent to which I can talk about Dancing With The Stars! If you feel you're a DWTS expert, please let me know about the subtleties that I've missed out on.

Even though Driver's long-term future with the team is still up in the air, he's expected to return to the team for the next set of organized team activities. The first set of OTAs started on Monday, but Driver was obviously not in attendance.