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Charles Woodson Is Ambitious, Volunteers To Play Three-Technique

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Yes, the headline is a joke, but it comes from the words of Charles Woodson himself. While Woodson did not participate in the first day of OTAs, he's in Wisconsin for various events. He threw out the first pitch at Miller Park a couple of days ago and while he was in the state, he went on the Bill Michaels Show in Milwaukee, where he answered a few questions.

Michaels asked Woodson about a potential move to safety and he had no aversion to the move. Here's what Woodson had to say, transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews.

"They can put me as a three-technique. It doesn't matter. I just wanna win another championship. We got a taste of that a couple of years ago. Last year I felt like we had a good team, fell short. And I need it again. So it really doesn't matter where I play. People keep speculating about me moving to safety, but if you watch our games, I play safety anyway. So it's not really me moving to safety. Maybe that'll be the title, maybe from here on out, I don't know. But just put me on the field anywhere they wanna put me. Anywhere they wanna use me, I'm available and I'm gonna be ready to go."

It's cliche, but this is exactly what everyone wants to hear from players. Expect to see Woodson used in a lot of different capacities this season, but mostly as a safety.