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The Green Bay Packers Are Really Popular

Any excuse to use this.
Any excuse to use this.

We're one of the cool kids, but we're not the coolest kid. We're Gretchen Wieners, which isn't bad, but we'll never be Regina George.

In a recent poll of a random sample of 1,500 Americans, ESPN determined that the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular NFL team in the United States. The Green Bay Packers ranked as the second most popular team, while the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers tied for fourth.

This is no slight on our friends over at Blogging The Boys or any of the rabid fans that comment there, but I feel like there is a very, very large contingent of people in this country who will say they're Cowboys fans if you call them on the phone and ask them who their favorite NFL team is, but who can't name more than 10 players on the team. I feel like the Giants are the same way, simply because they're the biggest team in the country's biggest metro area.

If you pop into any football bar on Sunday in a city that either does not have a team or where the team is new enough that most people have held onto their old allegiances, the bar will inevitably be dominated by Steelers fans. Packers and Cowboys fans seem to have about even numbers. But hey, congrats to Jerry Jones for creating a ridiculously large casual fanbase that spends money on his stuff.

In any event, an estimated 7.2 percent of 'NFL fans' are fans of the Green Bay Packers. That's nuts.