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Donald Driver, Packers Agree To Terms; Deal Should Be Finalized Today

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The ink isn't on the paper quite yet, but Donald Driver should have a restructured contract with the Green Bay Packers shortly. Don't be surprised if it's made official as soon as this morning. Driver's twitter account got some of the local media digging late at night, and it appears that the team and Driver's representatives have worked out a deal, with a few formalities left to be sorted.

Driver set everything off with this tweet last night.

That got everyone working on figuring out whether or not a deal was done. The first clear-cut info I saw came from WTMJ Milwaukee sports anchor Lance Allan, who got in contact with Jordan Woy, one of Driver's representatives.

We'll update again when it's officially official, but this is as good as done. Donald Driver is going to be staying with the Packers.