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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For May 31, 2012

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Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Our Packers took the field again for some more OTAs yesterday, meaning the folks in the media actually had things to write about last night and this morning. Here's your daily dose of Green Bay Packers news and links.

Slim, trim Driver returns to Green Bay |

Well if he won Dancing With The Stars and came to practice fat, that would have been extremely impressive.

Packers' Walden used jail time for soul searching | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"It's the first time I ever sat down and did some thinking" is not something you ever want to hear someone in their mid-20s say.

Bryan Bulaga comfortable at right tackle for Green Bay Packers | Cheesehead TV

Just another friendly reminder that Bulaga won't be moving to the left side.

Packers will be fine with current backup quarterbacks | Jersey Al's

Oh man, I totally forgot Craig Nall was a thing.

Woodson misses Packers workouts again | FOX Sports Wisconsin

I'm not terribly concerned about Woodson missing anything, but it's still worth noting.

Finley aims for better chemistry, more freestyle play | ESPN Wisconsin

So he has spent his spring getting really good at Tony Hawk on Playstation.

More from around SB Nation after the jump.

What to expect from rookie QBs in 2012 |

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin could both look much worse than Cam Newton in their rookie years and go on to have Hall of Fame careers. Don't expect too much from them yet.

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Asher Allen surprisingly announces retirement | Daily Norseman

Allen is only 24 and would have played quite a bit for the Vikings this year if he was healthy. He's had two concussions and is understandably putting his long-term health before football.

Dallas Cowboys management: Welcome to the Garrett decade | Blogging The Boys

There have been tons of posts on BTB lately about how the Cowboys are this stabilizing organization with long-term personnel plans. Anyone think Garrett's going to be the coach for even half of a decade if the 'Boys don't win a playoff game in the next two seasons?

Discussing the ideal rookie season for T.J. Graham | Buffalo Rumblings

Step 1: Be less of a tool than Stevie Johnson. We're setting a low bar to start out.

Justin Blackmon, lost and found | Big Cat Country

Blackmon's showing his talent, but he's yet to learn the offense.