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Fantasy Rankings Taking Shape; Rodgers, Jennings Lead the Way

Mason Crosby: fantasy football legend (Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE)
Mason Crosby: fantasy football legend (Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE)

As the calendar turns over to June tomorrow and OTAs are in full swing, teams are beginning to align their depth charts, especially at the skill positions. Since we know who most of the starting quarterbacks and running backs will be across the NFL, Yahoo Sports has compiled their four fantasy football writers' pre-season rankings to come up with an overall look at the draft board for this fall. The rankings for the top Packers are below.

QB Aaron Rodgers - 6th overall, #1 quarterback

WR Greg Jennings - 22nd overall, #4 wide receiver

WR Jordy Nelson - 33rd overall, #13 wide receiver

TE Jermichael Finley - 58th overall, #5 tight end

RB James Starks - 99th overall, #37 running back

WR James Jones - 157th overall, #63 wide receiver

RB Alex Green - 164th overall, #55 running back

Packers' defense - 173rd overall, #5 defense

WR Randall Cobb - 222nd overall, #78 wide receiver

K Mason Crosby - 223rd overall, #3 kicker

To few people's surprise, Aaron Rodgers looks to be a first-round draft pick in all formats. He's as consistent as they come, he plays on a pass-happy team with tons of receiving weapons, and he'll also contribute with a few rushing yards and touchdowns. Greg Jennings is projected to take back ground from Jordy Nelson, and if Jennings is healthy I wouldn't bet against him. Finley's still a fantasy starter at tight end, but he can't be counted on for ten points each and every week like Graham or Gronkowski.

The lower-rated players are more intriguing to me. I think Randall Cobb is being criminally underrated, and will be the 3rd-best wideout for the Packers this season. If your league awards points for individual return yardage or touchdowns, bump him up even farther. The Packers' defense should be started every week, especially considering the staggering amount of turnovers they tend to force. Crosby is as good a fantasy kicker as anyone else, partially thanks to the offense. Start him and hope for seven extra points and three field goals per game.

Consider the comments on this post as a brainstorming session for Acme Packing Company fantasy football this season. Are you interested in playing? Are there any particular rules or scoring systems that you'd like to use? If there's enough interest to have multiple leagues, would you be interested in being a commissioner and giving us all weekly updates in the FanPosts?