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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For May 4, 2012

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Happy Friday, everyone. Be sure to take a nice, extended 3-hour lunch at work today, and be sure to have a couple of beers while you're at it. Then, when you get back from your lunch break, screw around on the internet for three hours before you go home. You deserve it. Here's your daily Green Bay Packers news and links.

Collins decision on whether to return expected in a couple weeks | JSOnline

Nick Collins' agent wants the safety to retire so that he can hire him. Collins isn't set on retiring yet.

Datko hoping to shrug off injury past | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Andrew Datko has serious talent, but he's got chronic shoulder problems to get over.

Woodson a full-time safety? Sounds likely | FOX Sports Wisconsin

I'll probably write more on this later.

'Brass Balls' and the Packers defense | All Green Bay Packers

Basically, tell everyone they need to be perfect or they're getting cut.

More from around SB Nation after the jump

Where we make a special announcement about the stadium bill | Daily Norseman

This is an excellent idea.

Panthers MLB Jon Beason faces uphill battle | Cat Scratch Reader

Dude's basically out of a job.

Some clarification is in order: Manning and the offense | Mile High Report

Some good stuff here.

How much, how soon for the Rams and WR Brian Quick? | Turf Show Times

He's going to get straight-up thrown into the fire.