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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News And Links For May 6, 2012

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Happy Sunday everyone. Apologies if this is the only post of the day, I'm moving across town. I don't have that much stuff and the place already has internet, so there should be something else up later today, but you never know what kind of nonsense you're going to run into. Here's your daily Green Bay Packers news and links.

Mark Murphy Takes 5: 'Tailgate Tour' is key component of community outreach |

Mark Murphy answers five questions from fans and talks about the Packers tailgate tour.

Thompson's gung-ho draft policy has possible pitfalls | Green Bay Press-Gazette

As does any draft strategy! It's the draft!

The complete history, 1919-2003 | Packerville USA

This video is awesome.

Marc Tyler starting fresh in Green Bay | JSOnline

The USC running back is certainly talented. It will be interesting to see if he can turn his career around.

More from around SB Nation after the jump.

Bill Callahan provides early look at o-line | Blogging The Boys

They've gotta be the dumbest line in America, in terms of playing the game.

Post-draft free agency - what's left? | Windy City Gridiron

Not much.

Patriots sign RB Joseph Addai | Pats Pulpit

The Pats are good at taking RBs that look washed up and making them not look washed up anymore.

Comparing and contrasting 49ers quarterbacks and their drives | Niners Nation

I feel like this is just an excuse to go "Oh yeah, remember that we had Joe Montana? That was us."