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Green Bay Packers Minicamp: Offensive Player With The Most To Lose

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Yesterday, we asked you which member of the Green Bay Packers offense had the most to gain in the team's upcoming minicamp, and most of you voted for wide receiver Tori Gurley. Running back Brandon Saine also got a ton of votes. My vote went to Marc Tyler, but I definitely see why Gurley and Saine were such popular selections. There's definitely spots to be won for both of them.

Who has the most to lose is a slightly different question. The guys in yesterday's poll were mostly fringe and/or practice squad guys who have a chance to play regularly in the upcoming season. The guys with the most to lose are the guys who had roster spots or played big roles last year, but are in danger of losing some time.

I think this might end up being a more lively and more interesting discussion than the previous one. Don't get too heated in the comments, but debate is certainly encouraged. Here are your options...