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Green Bay Packers Minicamp: Defensive Player With The Most To Lose

Too slow, Charlie...
Too slow, Charlie...

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And now, the fun part.

Basically everything about the Green Bay Packers defense was bad in 2011. Yes, there were bright spots, but even the best players looked fairly pedestrian because of the poor performance of the unit as a whole. Charles Woodson, B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews did not look like the Pro Bowl versions of themselves for most of the season, due to minimal fault of their own.

Lots of guys are on the chopping block. The guys who simply didn't perform last season are really going to fight for their jobs. So this question -- which player has the most to lose -- is a tough one to answer. Lots of guys have a lot to lose. The other three posts in this series prompted a lot of positive discussion in the comments about players who have either played well or that we're hopeful about. This one? Probably not so much.

Time for some ugly truth. Discuss away.