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James Jones Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns Aren't Interested

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We've heard grumblings that the Green Bay Packers are shopping James Jones for quite a while. One of the teams most heavily linked to the receiver has been the Cleveland Browns, who are in desperate need of some help at the wide receiver position. Their draft picks will probably be high, and they have a solid backup quarterback that they're trying to ship.

Here's the problem: The Cleveland Browns haven't actually shown any interest in James Jones. Here's an excerpt from Mary Kay Cabot's Q&A column at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Hey, Mary Kay: With Green Bay in need of a backup QB and rumors of them having WR James Jones on the trade block, why not try to trade McCoy for Jones? -- Jason Runion, Woodville, Ohio

Hey, Jason: The Browns aren't interested in trading for Jones, and so far, the Packers haven't shown interest in McCoy. Unlikely swap at this time.

There you have it. The Browns just aren't interested in Jones, which is fine with me. I expect him to be a 3rd/4th WR, playing almost as much as last year with Randall Cobb playing a bit more. He'll probably still catch 30-plus balls and have a good year. He's probably worth more to the Packers than he is in players or picks to any other team.