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Green Bay Packers Pre-Training Camp Grades: QB

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Journalists and bloggers are famous, as a group, for putting out opinions and then either forgetting about them or backtracking. Because of this, I wanted one of our series during 'the lull' to include a bit of transparency. Between the end of preseason and the beginning of the regular season, you'll get an opportunity to laugh at this site's writers for their stupid, uninformed opinions. Or, we'll laugh in your faces if we were right.

We're going to look at each position group over the next couple of weeks and assign them a grade heading into camp, based on how confident we are in what we have at the position, both in terms of starter-quality guys and depth. After camp, we'll take a look back at these posts and you'll be able to see either how right or how full of it we were. We start in a logical place, with the quarterbacks.

Projected starter - Aaron Rodgers

Projected backup - Graham Harrell

Projected third-stringer - B.J. Coleman

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Confidence in starter - Astronomical: The Green Bay Packers have the guy who almost everyone who reads this site regularly believes is the best quarterback in the NFL. Even the most cynical of Packers haters couldn't possibly knock him out of the top three. Aaron Rodgers is the best, and I just built a life-sized golden statue of him for funsies. I really hope I don't get struck down by any biblical plagues.

Confidence in primary backup - Above average: But not very high. I thought Graham Harrell looked competent last preseason. Mike McCarthy had good things to say about him after minicamp, and I expect that we'll see a better preseason from him this year. He's pretty untested, however, and there's still the lingering chance that he's not good enough to be a serviceable No. 2 quarterback in the NFL.

Confidence in other depth - Very little: But it's not a big deal. B.J. Coleman is a rookie, and I assume that the Packers will not keep three quarterbacks on their active roster. They'll hope no one else picks him up and place him on the practice squad, assuming that he doesn't have an absolutely blistering preseason.

Final grade - A-: Oh my god, don't kill me. I'm sorry, I just can't give a position group an A when we don't know whether or not the primary backup can do a replacement-level job if he has to come in and start. I would have given this group an A last year because we knew Matt Flynn was one of the best backups in the league, but Harrell is still a bit of an unknown. If Rodgers goes down, can Harrell hold down the fort and help the team to a 9-7 or 10-6 season? I really don't know. Hopefully Harrell has a spectacular preseason and alleviates my concerns.