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Donald Driver Softball Game Raised Around $200k

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If you've been under a rock for the last week (or five years?), Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver has an annual charity softball game to benefit the Donald Driver Foundation, the charity that Driver and his wife started to benefit homeless people and underprivileged children in Wisconsin and Texas. Over 8,000 came to the game at Fox Cities Stadium outside of Appleton on Sunday, where the Packers offense beat the defense 22-10.

The stadium was sold out for the event, and between ticket sales and all other income for the event on Sunday, Driver's foundation is expected to have raised in the neighborhood of $200k. Obviously, this is fantastic news and it's great to hear that people are willing to support such a great event with their dollars, as well as their time.

If you want to help Donald Driver raise money for the causes that his foundation is in involved with, check out the Donald Driver Foundation website to learn about what they do. If you want to support what they do and you have the financial means, throw them a donation.