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Anyone Missing A Super Bowl Ring? Green Bay Packers Ring Recovered In Drug Bust


Well, here's a fun story! Today, there was a drug bust involving six Chicago-area residents. Via Maggie Hendricks over at Yahoo! Sports' football blog Shutdown Corner, the Drug Enforcement Administration recovered "heroin, cash, weapons, and a Super Bowl XLV ring stolen from a Green Bay Packers' team executive."

Yes, a big heroin drug bust also turned up a stolen Super Bowl ring. It's worth noting that this is not believed to be the Super Bowl ring that a 71-year-old recently bought at a Green Bay area pawn shop. Through my insider connections at a Las Vegas sportsbook, I have obtained odds on who the recovered ring originally belonged to before they go live.

Eliot Wolf - 3/1
Reggie McKenzie - 4/1
Alonzo Highsmith - 9/2
Ted Thompson - 7/1
Mark Murphy - 9/1
John Dorsey - 12/1
Tim Terry - 15/1
Brian Gutekunst - 20/1
Russ Ball - 30/1
Bob Harlan - 30/1

Who do you think the stolen ring belongs to?