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Green Bay Packers Highlight: 'We Want The Ball And We're Gonna Score'

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'It's the Seahawks that are jumping around now, that have all that emotion, that have that on their side.'

'You can see Hasselbeck is having a tough time fighting back a smile as they walk up to midfield.'

The Seattle Seahawks had just scored a game-tying touchdown in a 2003 Wild Card playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. The Pack had a shot at a field goal to win the game with under a minute left in regulation, but missed. All of the momentum was on the side of the Seahawks.

Matt Hasselbeck walked up to midfield for the coin toss and the referee asked him for the call.

'I'd like to call heads.'

'Seattle has won the toss'

'We want the ball and we're gonna score.'

Oh, you went and did it.

See, until Matt Hasselbeck uttered those words, Seattle really did have the momentum. If he had just calmly and confidently walked up to midfield for the coin toss and avoided any shenanigans, they probably would have kept it. But in an instant, Hasselbeck changed the game. The crowd got angry. The Packers' defense got angry.

Seattle's first possession was a three-and-out, and they were forced to punt. Green Bay's offense didn't fare any better on their next drive and punted back. Two more Seahawks plays, still no yardage. After eight plays of offense in overtime, neither defense had budged. On 3rd down and 10, a frustrated Hasselback tried to live up to his confident words and make a play.

Packers fans know the rest of the story. Al Harris read the play the whole way, jumped a hitch route and burned the Seahawks for a pick-six.

Just because of Hasselbeck's words, it's probably my favorite Packers highlight of all time. You can check out the video below.