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This Week In Packers Tweets: June 8th, 2012

Tom Crabtree: Celine Dion fan. (Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)
Tom Crabtree: Celine Dion fan. (Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's been pretty slow on Packers news in the last few days since OTAs wrapped up. Then again, OTAs being finished means that the players can get back on Twitter and entertain the masses (or not). Here are some of the best Packers' tweets from the past few days.

Tom Crabtree is a big fan of heavy metal music, so he was understandably miffed when his quarterback tweeted this:

Aaron Rodgers @AaronRodgers12

Did u know... @TCrabtree83 loves Celine Dion, and describes her as his dream girl, besides his wife. Beautiful w/a voice-Tom Crabtree.

To which he responded:

Tom Crabtree @TCrabtree83

@AaronRodgers12 I told u that in strict confidence. You know the therapy my wife and I have been through.

Guard Josh Sitton, however, enjoys responding to his fans' questions and comments. He especially enjoys discussing fellow guard T.J. Lang:

Josh Sitton @jsitton71

"@Jersey_Cheese: @jsitton71 if it came down to it, who do u think would win if u threw down fisticuffs. You or @TJLang70?" I'm a lover

Sitton also suggested that fans send any merchandise they want autographed to the Packers facility addressed to Lang. This prompted Lang to threaten to give out Sitton's personal information.

TJ Lang @TJLang70

Anyone wants @jsitton71 home address????

More to come after the jump.

Here are a few more things we learned about Packers players this week. Echoing his sentiments from his interview a few days ago, Jermichael Finley apparently admires another player at his position and is happy for him that he got a new contract today:

Jermichael Finley ‏@JermichaelF88

Congrats to Big Gronk on his New BIG Deal.. Hell of a TightEnd!

Randall Cobb apparently likes to wax poetic about life:

Randall Cobb ‏@rcobb18

How do u want to be remember? When it's all over and your dead and gone, what will people say about u?

Terrell Manning has a thing for hyperbole:

Terrell Manning ‏@Certified_35

The celtics couldnt make a shot if they were shooting in the ocean right now!!!

Finally, Donald Driver reminds us that good charitable work knows no rivalry:

Donald Driver ‏@Donald_Driver80

Got to meet @TylerClutts44 tonight. I know he's a bear, but tonight we are friends. Support for GJ85 Foundation.

And that's the week that was on Twitter.