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Aaron Rodgers Named No. 1 QB In ESPN QB Countdown

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Surprise! Someone else thinks Aaron Rodgers is awesome. He was named the No. 1 player on the NFL 100 list this season, so you shouldn't be too stunned to learn that ESPN's Ron Jaworski thinks he's the best quarterback in the NFL. Jaws has been counting down his top 32 QBs in the league over the last month, and finished his countdown with Rodgers today.

After the jump, you can find some of what Jaws had to say during the QB countdown segment on SportsCenter, via Kevin Seifert at the ESPN NFC North blog.

"There's a larger, more significant issue that speaks to Rodgers' greatness. He can beat the defense even when the defense wins, whether it's blitz or a three-man pressure with eight in coverage. ... Again, the ability to drive the ball on the move down the field, that's a rare trait. Add running ability to Rodgers' special throwing skill set and you have the most physically-gifted quarterback in the league."

I haven't thought of Rodgers as the most physically gifted QB in the NFL -- Michael Vick, along with rookies Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck have him beat in terms of raw tools -- but the way Jaws explains it makes sense. I think of being able to set your feet and throw an accurate deep ball on the run as more of a practiced technique than a physical skill, but it can definitely be categorized as a physical skill.

Whether or not we call that ability technique or physical talent is a matter of semantics. What really matters is that we have the quarterback who is currently the best in the league, that's really awesome. We're spoiled, you guys.