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Green Bay Packers 2012 Roster Projection: Outside Linebacker

When I see pictures like this a part of me envy people who are both a USC fan and a Packer fan.  Mandatory Credit: Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE
When I see pictures like this a part of me envy people who are both a USC fan and a Packer fan. Mandatory Credit: Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

This position group is interesting to look at for this coming season. On one hand there are a few obvious choices for the roster (and possibly starting spots) in Nick Perry and Clay Matthews. On the other hand there are four guys who are all at about the same talent level: Frank Zombo, Erik Walden, Vic So'oto, and Dezman Moses. The Packers won't keep them all so who stays and who goes is an interesting question to ponder.

Roster Locks: Nick Perry and Clay Matthews - Unless there is a major injury, or Perry is an instant bust from day one, then these two will make the roster. Matthews will start and continue to be awesome. The interesting thing to watch here is the transition of Perry. He should be fine but there are definitely question marks.

Job security - Ironclad - Perry's spot on the roster is sure, but his starting spot isn't set in stone yet. Sure he should start and hopefully make an impact, but if he can't hold up in coverage or even get use to a two point stance then he may lose some time to a guy like Walden who has shown he can be adequate.

Backups: Erik Walden and Dezman Moses - Rookie UDFA's tend to get their shot at this position. Moses has the hype right now and so I'm going to say he carries the momentum through camp and on to the roster.

Job Security Below Average - I don't expect either of these guys to really wow us this year....or ever really. Walden is extremely okay, and should be a solid backup. Moses is an interesting prospect, but after seeing how Zombo and So'oto have fared so far I'm a bit doubtful on what any UFDA OLB is going to do once the games go at full speed. I would liken this to the same reaction most Packer fans have recently towards high drafted DT's after the Mike Neal and Justin Harrell experience. In the end either Walden or Moses could be substituted for Zombo or So'oto and I wouldn't be too shocked.

Cut: Frank Zombo and Vic So'oto - I may have come across harsh on Zombo earlier. I don't mean to be, he's been fine overall, actually he was a pleasant surprise in 2010. The problem is right now he can't stay healthy and he was never special, just there and doing the job. With Perry present and more reliable bodies around he doesn't make the cut. As for So'oto....well one preseason game does not a career make and unlike Moses, he doesn't have the moment to carry him on to the roster this year.

Roster spots remaining: 16

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