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Green Bay Packers Pre-Training Camp Grades: Interior OL

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Whoa there, big guy!
Whoa there, big guy!

After examining the Packers' tight ends and tackles last week, we continue to move inward along the offensive line to the guards and centers.

The starters along the interior of the line are known commodities around the league, even if one is a newcomer to the Packers organization. Some question marks may arise with the depth players, but we hope that those players will not be called upon to make an impact this season.

Starters - G: Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang. C: Jeff Saturday

Primary Backups - Derek Sherrod, Evan Dietrich-Smith

Depth: Ray Dominguez (G), Don Barclay (G), Jaymes Brooks (G), Tommie Draheim (C), Sampson Genus (C), Grant Cook (G)

Confidence in starters - Very High: Sitton is a top-tier NFL guard, and looks to regain his 2010 form after a slightly down year in 2011. Lang has made huge strides since becoming the full-time left guard, and is expected to continue his solid play this season. Saturday replaces Scott Wells, but he's a very good fit in a zone-blocking scheme and he's a savvy veteran. Playing the the most cerebral quarterback in the league for his entire career will help him mesh with Rodgers, who is as thorough in his preparation as any other QB.

Confidence in backups - Good: Sherrod relieved Lang on occasion at guard, and may be the primary backup at both spots on the left side of the line. Again, his injury rehab will be the biggest question. EDS was the primary backup at all three interior spots last season, starting two games at RG and one at LG. While his pass blocking wasn't ideal, as his 3.5 sacks allowed will attest, his versatility will earn him another shot at the roster. Between these two, I certainly would not go into panic mode if a starter were to miss a couple of games.

Confidence in depth - Below Average: Draheim has impressed without pads this off-season, and Genus was a valuable member of last year's practice squad, but with EDS able to back up at multiple positions, it's unlikely that either will open the season on the active roster. Perhaps Dominguez can make a run at a roster spot, but nobody else has really started to make a name for themselves, and I would be very surprised if more than one of the others gets a spot on the practice squad.

Final Grade - A-: The starters are all very solid, and there are backups with experience, talent, and versatility behind them. So what if a few UDFAs don't impress anyone in training camp? Even if someone misses time, there should be depth behind him to fill in without it having a huge negative impact on the offense.