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John Kuhn Might Not Be Ready To Start Training Camp

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John Kuhn has been working to rehab his injured knee all offseason, but he might not be ready to start training camp on July 26. Kuhn spoke to Paul Imig of FOX Sports Wisconsin and, via a phone interview, said that he's feeling good but that he hasn't been cleared to play just yet.

Kuhn left the playoff game against the New York Giants with the injury and didn't participate in either OTAs or minicamp because of the injury, giving Nic Cooper the opportunity of a lifetime to impress coaches. Kuhn said that he's "been working on this whole offseason to make stronger" and talked with Imig about the coaches and doctors' decision about whether or not to clear him for the start of camp. You can find those quotes after the jump.

"Those decisions aren't up to myself. I anticipate being able to do some work, but I'm not exactly sure what that's going to be. It will be something on the field, but I'm just not sure how many active plays it will include. I feel healthy enough. But sometimes you feel healthy enough and coaches and doctors want to be cautious. We'll see."

If Kuhn's back to a point where he feels healthy, I'm not too concerned about him not being able to start camp. It sounds like he's recovered to a point where he'll be back on the field sometime during camp, and if that's the case, he should be ready to start the season. With Ryan Grant gone and Alex Green not yet completely recovered from his injury, Kuhn's going to be a key player to start the year.