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Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Takes Subtle Jab At Jim Schwartz

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I would much rather talk about football than petty back-and-forth jabs between coaches. Mike McCarthy and Jim Schwartz probably don't actively dislike each other and they probably don't have any reason to actively tick each other off. Chances are, everyone's jabs are in good fun, but we don't have any real football to talk about, do we?

Last month, during minicamp, someone mentioned the Green Bay Packers' skeet shooting expidition to Schwartz, who took a subtle shot at McCarthy while asserting that the Lions are all business.

"We had no sporting clays today or no amusement parks or water parks. Work day of minicamp."

McCarthy went on ESPN Wisconsin's Green and Gold Today on Friday, was asked about the Lions, and returned fire.

Here's his response, which is fantastic. Emphasis is mine.

"Their approach is really tailored to the way they go about their business, starting with their head coach. I don't know what the problem with skeet shooting is. I thought that was probably one of the best events we've ever had here."

Some people, including the writer of the above-linked Detroit News article, think it's a shot at the Lions' off-the-field disciplinary problems. Personally, I think he's just making fun of Schwartz for being entirely too serious and intense all the time.

I'd give you more of my opinion on Schwartz, but I fear that he'd come to my house and punch me in the face.

(Can we have football back, please?)