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NFL Power Rankings 2012: You Stink, We Rule, Na Na Na Na Boo Boo

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Last year, when SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings were just the opinion of the very knowledgeable Joel Thorman, everyone got really mad and called him biased every week. This year, all of SB Nation's NFL bloggers are voting on the power rankings. The results won't be much different, but at least we can call them objective!

The pre-camp version of those SB Nation 2012 NFL Power Rankings are out, and the Green Bay Packers have come in at No. 1. I am one of 21 NFL bloggers that gave the team the No. 1 ranking. Nine bloggers chose to gave the benefit of the doubt to the New York Giants and keep them No. 1 until they lose a game, which is perfectly reasonable. The San Fransisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers got one first place vote each. You can find the explanation I gave for my vote after the jump.

The Green Bay Packers of 2012 look very similar to the team that went 15-1 in 2011. Early draft picks were used to fill the team's biggest holes from last season, while Jeff Saturday was signed to replace Scott Wells. A lot of the Packers' success will depend on whether or not their rookies are able to help generate a pass rush, but the offense should be good enough to make them a playoff team even if that pass rush is abysmal once again.

Running back and left tackle are question marks, but the rest of the offensive line is among the best in the league, and the Packers ran more than they needed to in 2011. No one expects a repeat of 15-1, but everyone is expecting another division title in Green Bay.

I can't imagine we're going to find too many people around these parts who disagree with the Packers being No. 1, but what do you think about the other teams? Who's too high and who's too low? Discuss away.