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Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Folks To Follow Along With


Green Bay Packers training camp opens today, and we'll be writing a lot over the next ... well, from yesterday through January, we'll be writing a lot. The Lull is done. Football is here, and we're going to be posting a lot about football. I'd be lying if I said that this is the only place you should be following along, though. There's lots of awesome people out there covering the Packers and the rest of the NFL, and now's the best time of the year to tell you about them.

You can find our favorite writers and blogs below the jump. If you have suggestions for additions, leave them in the comments. And as a reminder, you can follow us on twitter at @AcmePackingCo. You can also like us on Facebook if that's more your thing.

Beat writers

These are the guys I found the most useful during OTAs and minicamp. There are some other great writers out there that do opinion, analysis and feature stuff, but these are the people who will be tweeting out info from camp, as well as news throughout the season.

Rob Demovsky - Green Bay Press-Gazette

Tom Silverstein - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Zach Heilprin - WBEV/WXRO

Brian Carriveau - B/R and Cheesehead TV

Jason Wilde - ESPN Wisconsin

Paul Imig - FOX Sports Wisconsin

Packers Blogs

There are lots of them, but these are the ones I've begun to make a point of checking on a regular basis because of their quality.

Cheesehead TV - Updated a couple of times a day with a good combination of everything.

Jersey Al's - Not much of a news or aggregation site, mostly mid-length opinion and analysis pieces.

Packerpedia - New blog that's updated a few times a week, usually not more than once in a day. Longer analysis pieces, really good stuff.

Brandon's Packers Blog - Unless you're a brand new reader of this site, you're familiar with Brandon's work and you like it. If you are a brand new reader, he ran this site for a long time and did a good job. He's on a personal blog now, still doing his thing and doing it well.

National writers

There are tons of these guys, and lots of them are very good, but I'll give you a condensed list. If you follow these guys, it's highly unlikely that you'll miss any story of note.

Adam Schefter - ESPN

Jay Glazer - FOX

Jason La Canfora - CBS

Albert Breer - NFL Network

Between us and everything listed above, you should be super duper informed on everything going on with Packers training camp.