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Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Day 2, Morning Notes

Maybe it's just the perspective on the photo, but Shaky Smithson (16) looks a lot bigger than Rob Francois (49) to me.
Maybe it's just the perspective on the photo, but Shaky Smithson (16) looks a lot bigger than Rob Francois (49) to me.

Despite some rain, the Packers are back at practice today. Unfortunately, they're inside the Hutson Center, which limits the number of fans that are able to watch practice. But the media is there, so we have plenty of information to discuss about the goings-on this morning.

  • The Packers first reported on their official twitter feed that the same seven players who were out yesterday were out again today (Sherrod, Kuhn, Quarless, . They also said that Jermichael Finley and Anthony Hargrove were held out of practice today. Hargrove apparently had a personal, out-of-town matter.
  • As mentioned earlier, Finley's wife, of all people, broke the news about his "very mild concussion" Wednesday during practice. He is being held out as a precaution. The tweet has since been deleted, however, but Mike McCarthy confirmed it in his press conference.
  • Mike Vandermause reported that Jarrett Bush is still ahead of Sam Shields at cornerback today.
  • Pete Dougherty said that Andrew Datko played right tackle with Herb Taylor on the left side today. That's a swap from the positions they played in Wednesday's practice.
  • Graham Harrell made a fantastic throw on a deep ball to Randall Cobb, just putting the ball past the arms of Jerron McMillian in coverage. But he also threw a pick to Casey Hayward (though the ball was tipped at the line) and struggled at times. B.J. Coleman, on the other hand, has struggled with his accuracy today.
  • Jerel Worthy showed a serious burst today. M.D. Jennings also had a good practice, intercepting Aaron Rodgers. Also, I'm glad to see Wilde has latched onto the "Doctor" nickname.
  • Ryan Taylor might get the award for worst practice of the day. He had a drop on a ball that hit him perfectly in the hands on the run and also committed a false start penalty. D.J. Williams made a great diving catch and impressed today, but needs to continue that once the pads go on.
  • Randall Cobb made another nice catch on a deep bomb from Rodgers that went for a 55-yard touchdown. Tramon Williams was in coverage, but it sounds like it was a great catch and throw rather than a poor job by Williams.
  • In today's least-surprising news, Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings work well together.

We'll have a bunch more posts as the day goes on. The Packers will put the pads on for tomorrow's practice.