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Hope From Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Alex Green Getting Healthy

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Yesterday there was a fair bit of hand wringing over the state of our cornerback unit, but let's take a step back from worries and get right to some good news coming out of camp. One of the stories I have gravitated towards is Alex Green. There aren't many ways that the offense can make a dramatic jump from last year's form, but an improving running game is one of them; and Green may be the best way the running game improves.

Green brings something unique to the running back group this year. Green is a player who can be as dangerous as a running threat as well as a receiving threat. Now I'm not saying he's Matt Forte or Marshall Faulk, but he is much more like those backs than Brandon Saine or James Starks. This is exactly the type of back that the Packers need to complement the potent passing attack that the Packers have had the last few years and hope to bring back again this year.

At this point Green has been ruled healthy enough for full contact practices, but he is on limited reps as a precaution. From the various reports available, it's clear that Green is happy to be back and mixing it up. I can hardly blame him for feeling this way. I know I'm happy and excited to see what he is able to do. Green just being healthy is welcome news on a day that say both Adrian Peterson and Jahvid Best start on the PUP. Heck, Green is in a good situation since the Packers offensive should give him a solid role but not need to rush him along and give him that much more time to recover.

This year Green is going to show why the Packers drafted him in the third round. He's got the potential and the belief of the team. If he can stay healthy then the Packers may just have the balanced offense we have been waiting for since Ryan Grant's great season in 2007.